Yes, I’m back.

So, this is awkward.

Hi there. I’m back. I know it’s been a while – over a year, in fact – since I’ve blogged here. Why did I leave…and why did I decide to return? Don’t worry, I’ll keep this brief.

Let’s start with the former. I’m a writer. Professionally, I spend every day churning out copy, searching for the perfect word or the most efficient method of explaining a complex topic. Sometimes, this inspires me to write more, but more often that not, the last thing I feel like doing when I get home is typing out a blog post. And then there’s this, the big reason I faltered: there’s always that doubt that creeps in, starting in the back on my mind and slowly working its way into every fiber my being. I’m no expert. I’m not a professional cook, an experienced chef, or anyone qualified to dole out advice about cooking.

So I just stopped. I didn’t stop cooking or baking or fumbling my way through countless recipes in the many months since I’ve last blogged. I just felt I had nothing worthwhile to say. And I suppose this speaks volumes about me and how I view myself – topics far too heavy to explore here – but it was enough to keep me from exploring this blog as a creative outlet.

I’m back, well, because I realized – and quite suddenly, too – that it doesn’t matter if I’m an expert or not. It doesn’t matter if I spend my days in a stuffy office cubicle or sweltering away in a cramped kitchen. I do have something to say.

I’ve never enjoyed anything more than writing. This has been my truth since I was kid, chasing around relatives at my first communion – neon pink pen in hand – asking for quotes for my first big story. Nothing else feels as good to me as when I create something. So I suppose it comes as no surprise that I’m drawn to the kitchen for the very same reason. Anticipation, delight, pure joy – with an equal measure of trepidation – are what fill me when I tie on that apron, a recipe in hand, fully prepared to create something delicious.

Who am I to deny these simple pleasures, just because I’m not an expert? Why not come back here and share what I’ve learned over the past year, which has been quite a lot, and ask you to join me on my next culinary adventures? When I started this blog, it was not as some masquerade, pretending to be some gold-star chef. It was to share my foibles and screw-ups. To laugh about our experiences in the kitchen. To even pass on a stellar recipe or two. To learn from you.

So that’s why I’m back. My confidence returned, in part because of some fantastic advice from a fellow writer (and friend) and because I happened across an essay by the wonderful Tara Mohr that literally left me slack-jawed and stunned because it was so damn true.

This part, in particular, gets to the core of the issue:

Speak on the things that move your heart. Speak about the things that cause you outrage. Speak about the things you’ve experienced and what you’ve come to believe as a result of those experiences. Speak about your vision for how some part of our world could be different.

Ah. The spot-on accuracy of that excerpt just slays me. Read it all here. Maybe it will spark something in you, too.

I’m not looking to change the world. Just me.


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