first roast chicken dinner – coming up!

I’ve been MIA for a while (to my three readers, I apologize!) because I’ve been dieting and exercising like a madwoman, trying to get fit. I know I should be able to cook lots of healthy dinners – and I do, from time to time. But I haven’t had a ton of time to document any of my recent cooking endeavors.

Today I decided to do something that has always scared me. I am roasting a chicken. Now, I know that this is one of the most basic dinners…and something that most people have done a thousand times. Not me! I celebrated my 34th (gulp) birthday yesterday and had a so-so meal out. What I really wanted was a roasted chicken, but made without any extra fats.

Which led me to Thomas Keller’s recipe on epicurious…which led to the chicken that is currently roasting in my oven (and smells divine, I might add).

Can I just say that handling a whole chicken (something I’ve never done before, sadly enough) made me have a whole new level of respect for my food. Does that make sense? I also had a moment when I felt extremely guilty about the chicken in my hands. I handled it tenderly and tried to treat it with as much respect as I could. I feel silly sharing this, but there we are.

I’m 34 years old and I’m roasting my first chicken. Big steps. Ha!

I’ll report back with results. Fingers crossed for a delicious, healthy dinner. I’m down 8 pounds and counting – gotta’ keep up the good work!



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