mmm, bacon. (and bread)

I love bacon. I don’t eat it very often, but it’s a wonderfully indulgent treat when I do. We made a huge breakfast this morning of eggs, hash browns, toast and BACON.

The big downside, though, is that right now our house stinks of bacon. And nothing will get rid of it. (Any tips???) I like the smell of bacon while it’s cooking…but I just don’t want to be continually reminded, after-the-fact, that I just devoured a kazillion calories and bazillion grams of fat. I want to move on and pretend that It. Never. Happened.

But I will attempt today to mask the smell of bacon (or complement, who knows) with the smell of bread!

What could be better, right?

And what could possibly go wrong? Yes, once I find out, I will report back. Ha!

(I also owe you a post about my delicious banana banana bread…and my crockpot chicken tacos. It’s coming, I promise!)


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