kitchen invader…

I turn my back for one moment in the kitchen….and I find this.

And this is exactly why the hubby doesn’t help cook. Because he cannot bear to leave his iPad behind. He takes it with him everywhere.

Also, please note how it is hanging off the table. Tsk, tsk.



2 thoughts on “kitchen invader…

  1. Like the blog – my wife uses an ipad app called paprika (there’s also an iphone version) that allows her to store recipes and coordinate shopping lists for buying ingredients for those recipes.

    Anyhow, keep cooking and keep blogging!

    • Hey, Jay – Thanks! I’ll have to check out that app. I tried using my iPad to display a recipe while I was baking and I ended up getting cake batter all over it. Oops. Don’t tell my husband. 😉 But an app sounds like a very, very good idea. Thanks again!

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