….and so it begins.

I love reading food blogs, which, let’s be honest, is straight-up food porn. I’m not going to make brioche (mostly ’cause I don’t shop at Costco for butter and eggs), but you’d better believe that I drool over posts about the process of baking it. I fantasize about what it would be like to have that loaf of goodness in my kitchen, where Clive Owen and I would drink french-press coffee and slather fat brioche slices with homemade strawberry preserves and fresh butter and….you get the idea.

I read a lot. I dream a lot. But it’s rare that I actually cook what I read or dream about. I’m a novice in the kitchen and I’m not afraid to admit it. When I see more than four steps to a recipe, I balk. I get intimidated. And then, I ditch that recipe for one that looks easier.

Well, lately I’ve been trying to expand my horizons in the kitchen (a difficult feat if you ever saw my cramped little working space). I’ve had adventures. I’ve had some successes (a pasta salad that looked – and tasted – like a work of art). I’ve had a few failures (the bastard parchment paper that stuck to the bottoms of my soft pretzels). And I’ve had a lot of fun.

Mostly, though, I worry and second-guess because I’m new to this process. I’m always thinking, “Did I do that right?” or “Did I just screw up the whole darn recipe?” or “This does not look like the photos in the recipe.”

The food blogs I’ve read (and enjoyed) have all been written by someone who actually knows what the hell he/she is doing. Which is great for me, because I can be sure if I glean a recipe from that person, it’s a good one and I have a much better chance of success. But sometimes I feel out of my league. I feel like not only did I come late to the party, but I brought a cheap and crappy bottle of wine.

I want to find others like me, those people who are bravely stepping into their kitchens with a recipe print-out in hand, hoping for the best and learning a heck of a lot as they go. We may spill flour and oil and a whole bottle of expensive organic oregano (true story, that), but we learn. And we swear. And sometimes we burn things.

So that’s why I’m here. To share my adventures with some like-minded people. To learn from you. To laugh when we make mistakes…and to shout “VICTORY!” when we do something right.

I’m a little scared of putting everything out there. I worry that people will laugh at me, an educated woman who really doesn’t know that much about one of the basics in life. But I’m also hoping that I’ll discover some kindred spirits…and we’ll cook some great things together.

I’m ready.

Let’s do this.


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